Cerumen Removal

Cerumen Removal


Have you recently experienced sudden earaches or fullness in your ear? Or have you found it difficult to hear lately or experience a ringing in your ears? A cerumen removal appointment with us might be just what you need to experience an increase in overall wellness. Here's what to know about the buildup of ear wax and the benefits of cerumen removal.

What is Cerumen Removal?

Commonly known as ear wax, cerumen is a waxy substance produced by sebaceous oil glands located inside the ear canal. Your ears produce ear wax to protect and prevent the entry of bacteria, dust, water, and small objects into the inner ear.

Sometimes, however, the glands produce too much ear wax, which the ear cannot naturally remove. This results in a buildup of wax that can harden and often lead to the onset of temporary hearing loss. Cerumen removal is the process of removing this buildup. It can be done:

  • at home by softening the hardened wax using mineral oil, baby oil, or prescribed ear drops
  • by trained audiologists or ENT physicians who can irrigate and safely drain the ear

What Are the Benefits of Cerumen Removal?

Trying to remove ear wax buildup at home can often lead to middle-ear infections and damage to the inner ear. You may even end up pushing the wax further into the ear canal. Getting your buildup of ear wax removed by certified audiologists at Reuhl Audiology offers multiple benefits, including having a better view with the use of an otoscope.

Regular cerumen removal is also recommended for patients with hearing aids to prevent damage to their hearing devices. Your audiologist can expertly and safely remove ear wax buildup without the incidence of ear infections or permanent damage to your ears and hearing.

What to Expect During a Cerumen Removal Appointment

If you've never had a cerumen removal appointment before, you might wonder what to expect during your session. An audiologist at Reuhl Audiology will begin by asking you a series of questions regarding your current health status, any previous ear trauma, including how long you've been experiencing your symptoms of ear wax buildup. During your actual manual removal session, your audiologist will use a binocular microscope to get a better view of the ear wax buildup and use a thin metal curette, irrigation, or suction to remove the cerumen.

Cerumen removal sessions are quick, pain-free procedures that reduce the risk of ear infections and hearing loss. Annual follow-up visits are recommended if you wear a hearing aid or suffer from chronic earwax buildup.

For more information about cerumen removal contact Reuhl Audiology at (630) 230-2373.

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