Cochlear Implant Assessment

Cochlear Implant Assessment


Have you recently been diagnosed with severe hearing loss? A cochlear implant assessment with us might just be what you need for overall wellness. Here's what you should know about cochlear implant implants and the benefits of assessment for improved health.

What is a Cochlear Implant Assessment?

Cochlear implants are electronic devices that help patients with severe hearing loss. They are comprised of two distinct, magnetized parts:

  • an inner receiver that's surgically implanted.
  • an external, outer ear part that helps to process speech

Trained professionals, known as audiologists, are responsible for carrying out comprehensive cochlear implant assessments to determine if a cochlear implant is best suited for you. Cochlear implants are typically suited for patients with extreme hearing loss caused by damage to sensory cells located in the cochlea. These healthy sensory cells are normally responsible for amplifying external sounds in our ear that we, in turn, can hear. Damage to these cells results in profound hearing loss.

What Are the Benefits of a Cochlear Implant Assessment?

There are multiple benefits to undergoing a cochlear implant assessment. First off, not every patient with hearing loss is a suitable candidate for cochlear implants. An assessment with your audiologist will help confirm whether cochlear implants are right for you. Research indicates that adults with cochlear implants often show immediate signs of improvement, while children require more training to understand how cochlear implants change their hearing process.

Cochlear implants can help you:

  • understand speech without the need to lip-read
  • experience different frequencies of sounds
  • may sometimes help make telephone calls
  • enjoy music and watch movies

What to Expect During a Cochlear Implant Assessment

If you've never had a cochlear implant assessment before, you might be wondering what to expect during your first appointment. A licensed audiologist at Reuhl Audiology will begin by asking you a series of questions to determine your current health status and the degree of hearing loss. Cochlear implants are best suited for patients with severe hearing loss that typically arises in both ears, as well as patients that would not be good candidates for hearing aids.

During your actual appointment—which can take anywhere from 3-4 hours depending on complexity—your audiologist will run a series of in-depth tests to measure your hearing threshold, including whether you depend on lip-reading for daily communication and your emotional feelings toward your hearing loss diagnosis. You can also expect a hearing test, speech test, and a medical text, which may sometimes include imaging scans of your ear.

Effective cochlear implant assessments require an accurate evaluation and prompt care by trained audiologists.

For more information about cochlear implant assessment contact Reuhl Audiology at (630) 230-2373.


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