Industrial Hearing Testing

Industrial Hearing Testing


Do you have to work in an environment that's noisy? Or have you been experiencing hearing loss as a result of your current occupation? An industrial hearing test with us might be just what you need for overall wellness. Here's what you should know about industrial hearing testing.

What is Industrial Hearing Testing?

Industrial hearing testing is a diagnostic process for patients who work in environments that expose them to significant noise daily. Experiencing noise over a period of months or years can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, which can be difficult for patients to recognize without regular specialized hearing tests. Trained professionals known as audiologists carry out tests to determine a patient's current hearing status and provide various treatment options to prevent the onset of hearing loss.

What Are the Benefits of Industrial Hearing Testing?

There are multiple benefits to industrial hearing testing appointments. Industrial hearing testing can be carried out by certified audiologists in three stages:

  • Baseline audiograms to determine a patient's hearing threshold and is carried out within two months of exposure to a noise-heavy work environment
  • Annual audiograms are carried out to ensure that patients are not experiencing hearing loss from their work environments. These tests are compared to the baseline audiogram results and involve training activities and the use of hearing-protective equipment to prevent the onset of hearing disorders.
  • Post-employment audiograms are carried out after the patient leaves their high-noise job. This is done to prevent additional hearing loss.

What to Expect During an Industrial Hearing Testing Appointment

If you've never had an industrial hearing test, you might be wondering what to expect during your first appointment. A baseline audiogram requires patients to be in a noise-free environment for 14 hours before their first session. A trained audiologist at Reuhl Audiology will begin by asking you questions regarding your current health status to determine if you're experiencing any hearing loss.

Hearing tests can include sound surveys, as well as listening to audio recordings of soft voices—speech audiometry—tuning forks and different pure tones—an audiogram. A typical session can take up to an hour, depending on the number of tests administered. An abnormal result will detail the type and degree of hearing loss experienced by a patient. Your audiologist may recommend follow-up appointments or the use of hearing protective equipment.

For more information about industrial hearing testing, contact Reuhl Audiology at (630) 230-2373.

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